BRUTON is an international privately-owned trade group focused on asset-backed and special situation investment opportunities.

Bruton Gold & Diamonds Trading

We strive to deliver outcomes to optimise, strengthen, protect and grow our clients’ businesses whilst identifying and mitigating business risk.

Bruton Gold Trading

Our diverse team asks the real questions and provides the innovative answers to create long term, sustainable plans.



BRUTON is an independent, strategic capital investment and trading business managing the affairs of its principles and partners with interests in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We strongly believe global connectivity, deep relationships, insightful advice and a long-term outlook are paramount to preserve, nurture and generate real value alongside success and excellence. Focused on Commodity Trading, BRUTON provides a diverse range of professional services to clients that create value delivering long term solutions.

We adopt a bespoke and integrated approach to minimise risk and achieve successful outcomes across a diverse set of needs and situations in the ever-changing, highly competitive world we live in. Uniquely positioned to provide flexibility and focus with the agility to implement result driven strategies utilising best in class access and experience.  BRUTON strives to deliver outcomes to optimise, strengthen, protect and grow our clients’ businesses whilst identifying and mitigating business risk. At BRUTON we combine local knowledge, with a first-hand understanding of economic, political and cultural factors leveraging the experience of our global integrated network.

Working collaboratively with our clients, our diverse team asks the real questions and provides the innovative answers to create long term, sustainable plans, that deliver better outcomes from strategy to execution for the whole project life.


Our appetite is flexible both in terms of size of investment and with a management team committed to growth, while ensuring integrity, privacy and discretion is at the forefront of everything we do. At BRUTON, we don’t just simply invest globally. We combine the extensibility of our local knowledge with a first-hand understanding of economic, political, cultural factors and experience of a global integrated network to offer face-to-face services and customer-oriented business methods to a select group of partners.We draw on more than 15 years of experience in the asset management and capital investment sectors. As a group we apply our entrepreneurial expertise in the pursuit of superior returns and long-term value.


Our first investment is to gain a deep understanding of the objectives of the specific deal situation and requirement. We draw upon long standing expertise to select and deploy the investment strategy best suited to deliver return consistently, responsibly and securely. BRUTON’s sole aim is to construct positions and portfolios for our principles and partners with the best long-term performance while balancing individual appetites within an acceptable risk profile. We continually review micro and macro sentiment to ensure circumstances and objectives are always aligned.


Culture has become increasingly central to the conversation in recent years but is very hard to define. We have to be mindful not just to make it about a handful of buzzwords without implementing the ethos. Front and centre in BRUTON’s cultural offering is its strength in management and leadership. Performance can get you through the door, but a clearly articulated process and culture are the key indicators of long-term sustainability. BRUTON believes in mastering the art of the possible while creating a concise mission that is a shared vision among our colleagues and partners allowing us to create something that exceeds the sum of our parts while encouraging continued experimentation and innovation in order to enhance the collaborative experience. It is no longer good enough to be good enough, we must be evolutionary.


Philanthropy plays a big role in our work and takes shape in a number of ways. For our partners, this can mean providing support and counsel in establishing a new philanthropic endeavour: one that helps them build a positive, long-term legacy and is reflective of their values. Or it might simply mean managing an existing endeavour: providing technical advice, structuring or management services, through to full operational support. We have specialist in-house expertise on the particular issues connected with charities, charitable foundations and non-profit organisations. For the people who work with us, this means having the freedom to be involved in the causes they care most about. This may be on a personal level, or on behalf of the firm.

Gold Diamond Trading


Our greatest strength is our people, their abilities and the holistic approach that we adopt on every project. Known for their energy and entrepreneurial flair, our team has a track record of delivering value for money, effective and focused integrated solutions to each specific client opportunity and challenge.

We provide strategic advisory services and total solutions capability from project outset through to completion.

BRUTON is driven by a focus on client need: we apply our extensive knowledge to identify risks and opportunities and develop insightful bespoke solutions to overcome our partners main challenges, increase value and strengthen their business.

With our extensive knowledge in strategy, structuring, deal making, corporate management, in diverse commodity and associated sectors - we have the people who can help.


Customer Oriented

It is our objective to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices, with prompt delivery schedules.


Our team of professionals are made up of a Sales team, Procurement team, Business Development, Gemologists and Transportation / Freight specialists.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard, both in the products we provide we render. This has enabled us to develop trustworthy and successful partnerships within the industry.


Bruton is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our operation from a simple quotation to order fulfillment. We are committed to continuous improvement of our Quality Systems to ensure the requirements of our customers are fully met.

• Long term relationships with major security & transportation agents such as Transguard Emirates Group, Brinks & Ferrari Clearing

• Qualified and dependable recognised refineries

• Commodity controlled and secured by transportation agents

• Monitored and expedited customs clearance

• Guaranteed service quality

• On-time payments following product being assayed

Gold Trading


• Industry Knowledge

• We understand the African, European and Middle Eastern market

• We look at the following factors when making strategic decisions for purchasing: Documentation – Understand the Import requirements for Gold & Diamonds Banking facilities and Relationships in place to support current activity

• GoAML - Team in place to handle Anti-Money Laundering Policies and Documentation Traders – Who? What and How much they charge?

• Banking Facilities



We place reputation at the forefront of everything we do; we guard our clients’ reputations as closely as our own. We always undertake best practice and strive for continuous improvement in the way we assess and deliver our assignments.



We nurture enduring relationships with our clients through earning and sustaining trust. We tell our clients the truth and ask the hard questions always respecting their confidence in our professional abilities.



We pride ourselves on always listening to what our clients want and need. We prioritise client satisfaction, consistency and long term success for all our stakeholders.



Performance, innovation and upholding the highest ethical standards are our core principles when engaging with our clients’. We work to create sustainable value for our customers and social impact for the global community.

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